We are Retargetly, we turn data into experiences

Use our data toolset to create a unique customer experience for your users. Leverage our Data Management Platform, Data Exchange and Identity Resolution products to reach the right people at the right time.



What we do

Your data, at your service

Connect all your online and offline data sources, enrich them using our machine learning models and third-party data, and activate them where they’ll have the greatest impact.



Website, CRM and Mobile web/app data through Javascript tags, SDK and API integrations.


Create your own custom segments based on user events, behaviours and declared data.



Use those segments to improve ad targeting and campaign’s performance.


Discover and share new insights from impacted audience. Apply learning for optimization.



Our solutions


Data Management Platform

Unlimited data sources, over 20 activation channels. Our DMP is the most advanced data management solution out there, used by +100 brands.

Data Exchange

We track over 600 million people, 1 billion users, across 20 billion data events every month. Our machine learning models turn all this into actionable audience data: purchase intent, interests, demographic, income, and more.


Identity Resolution

Our matched PII data is unparalleled in the region, and allows brands big and small to onboard their offline CRM data to create highly valuable online segments that can be activated anywhere.


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