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Latin America on the issue of quality data

While technology advances and provides sophisticated tools that allow brands and organizations a better audience segmentation. In Latin America there are still obstacles when obtaining quality data. This gap is covered by entrepreneurs who bet on their own creations.

According to Santiago Darmandrail, COO of Retargetly, as brands and organizations implement global strategies, creative agencies must obtain the best possible data in all regions of the world in which they seek to reach with their messages.

“Outside of specialist countries in the field, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, the mission is not easy because the data is of uneven quality, which makes it impossible to have the same desired experience", he said.

Global data providers in leading places like the United States have a limited reach in emerging markets where they are just entering, which makes it impossible to obtain useful information first-hand.

According to the executive, it cannot be ignored that there are countries that impose obstacles to accessing data quickly and displaying it in a clear and concise manner. In these contexts, adaptations for these markets must be implemented before carrying out the information search and selection strategy.

For example, this is what happens in Russia, which has strict regulations and structured policies on this subject, which tend to affect the speed with which one can carry out work on these sites.

In emerging markets, there are not yet enough targeting criteria for campaigns to be efficient on certain media and to obtain better performance from ads and messages.

In the case of Latin America, it can be noted that investments in the sector are still low and much data remains hidden, which translates into a real obstacle course to collect information on a large scale.

"This race is an uphill path due to a set of factors, such as the slow adoption of existing solutions by advertisers, media and publishers," said the executive.

Brands such as Google and Facebook monopolize the data source market . Outside of these sites, it is difficult to access quality data in large quantities, a situation that affects the quality of information accessed by end users, since their target is not so clear.

What can you do with your strategy?

At that point, those who choose to invest should bet on local creativity and the development of startups that are committed to expanding the map of data collection.

Originally published in Merca2.0

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