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Killi partners with Retargetly to deliver verified and consensually given data in international markets

Killi Ltd. (TSXV: MyID, OTCQB: MYIDF) (‚ÄúKilli‚ÄĚ), a global leader in data and consumer privacy, partners with Retargetly to offer verified and unique data sets through all its platforms that will allow buyers to create more comprehensive user profiles.

Privacy laws are evolving and the market demands high quality data that complies with all current regulations. In this context, Killi, a global leader in data and consumer privacy, partners with Retargetly, a leading data intelligence platform in Latin America, to deliver 1st-party and consensually given data for brands, agencies and publishers in international markets.

Through this partnership, Killi will use Retargetly's platform to distribute its Fair-Trade DataTM, which is data that compensates the end consumer. Anytime a Killi audience is purchased, fair compensation is redistributed back to the Killi consumer that provided their data. By incentivizing consumers to share data, Killi gets access to more intimate data sets, which translates into data that is not only consented but that a buyer can feel good about buying.

‚ÄúUsers are growing increasingly aware that their data is being monetized, by everyone, except them. Killi has made sharing your data fun for the consumer and reliable for the buyer. Why, because users can manage their data at all times, get paid for what they share, and this puts control back in the hands of the consumer. We are excited to partner with Retargetly who acts as a catalyst driving a mutually beneficial relationship between everyone,‚ÄĚ said Neil Sweeney, CEO of Killi.

Keeping up with new laws, increasing consumer loyalty and innovating at the same time is both a challenge and a necessity. A study showed that 71% of consumers would stop doing business with a company if it gave away sensitive data without permission, which leads us to believe that providers that put data safety as a priority in this particular moment will be the ones who get an advantage over other players.

“We are excited to join a partner like Killi who cares deeply about the quality of their data, especially at a time in the industry when governments are finally putting privacy and consent in the agenda, users are more informed about the value of the data they share and brands are looking to allocate their budgets with companies that can guarantee they are buying from a reliable source," said Santi Darmandrail, Chief Revenue Officer of Retargetly.

About Killi

Killi is a consumer privacy ecosystem that allows consumers to take back control of their consumer data from those who have been collecting it and selling it unbeknownst to them. Killi is currently available online or via iOS or Android in five countries (US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand).  Killi pays users automatically every week a cash Data DividendTM for the use of their data, making Killi the only company in the world that is fairly compensating users for the purchase of their data. Killi is also the creator of, a consumer-facing website that allows consumers to determine their data’s value broken out by individual platform.

To learn more about how Killi fairly pays users via its Fair-Trade DataTM program, please visit

Download Killi here.

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