Smart Deals: premium audiences with a premium inventory

Smart Deals combines the largest marketplace of LATAM and US Hispanic audiences with top media properties. A single Smart Deal is media and data, in one.

Some of our key differentiators

Over 8000 behavioral audiences to choose from.

3rd party or custom audiences that are custom made, we have the right data you need.

Predictible Reach

Before you even turn the campaign on you can have an estimate on the reach.

Easy implementation

Save time implementing and optimizing your campaigns.

Cost optimization

Improve on your optimization consolidating media and audience in one CPM.

Smart deals in 3 simple steps

Choose your audience

We have more than 8000 prepackaged audiences for you to choose, and can create custom audiences on request

We create your unique Smart Deal

Our team will combine your audiences, set up a Smart Deal, and send you a unique Deal ID with everything in it.

Implement in your DSP

You can run a Smart Deal on virtually all DSPs, just like any other Deal ID you've ever run before.


Top Publishers in LATAM


You can active your data here.

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