Monetize and distribute your data

Retargetly's Platform enables publishers and data owners to create a whole new revenue stream for untapped customer data, or get better distribution for an existing one. Over 300 agencies and brands buy audience segments from us across all of LATAM.

Pick and choose the right model for you.

Audience monetization and distribution models
Retargetly Labeled
No involvement, we do all the work.
Public Marketplace
Your brand, public for all our buyers.
Private Marketplace
Hands on one to one sales process.
Your product, our connections.
Self-serve UI
Revenue dashboard
Lookalike modeling
Billing and clearing
Strategy, marketing and sales support
Taxonomy audit
Leverage our client base
Marketing materials
Revenue and fees
Monetization models
% of Media
% of Media
Monthly minimum
Platform fees
Revenue Share

Included in all models

A set of tools to make monetizing your audience data as easy as possible.

Multiple integration options

Bring in digital data through a .js SDK, image pixel, iOS / Android SDK, a live API, or manual upload.

Technical support

Even if you're using our self-serve tools, our team will help you troubleshoot and find optimization opportunities.

Publisher Marketplace

If you're a Publisher and sell media on your properties, you can choose to have your inventory matched against hundreds of campaign audience plans a month. See more here.

Offline data onboarding

If your data isn't tied to any digital identifier, our platform can take and match based on emails, phone numbers, and even national IDs.

Audience Specialist Desk

Retargetly Desk receives hundreds of audience requests a month. If your data fits what the client is looking for, we'll include it in our recommendation.

Neural AI semantic analysis

Creating audience segments based on thousands or millions of individual content pieces is tedious and often impossible. Our AI will take care of that for you.


You can offer your data here too.

Google Marketing Platform


Will I know who's buying my audiences?
If you decide to involve yourself or your team in the process, and distribute your audiences using your own brand, we'll tell you who's buying it, where, how much of it, and many more invaluable insights.
Do distribution platforms charge a fee as well?
If you decide to sell inside of Facebook, Instagram, or Google for example you can expect that the platform won't charge a fee. All others do charge a percentage fee over gross audience revenue.
Can I upload and share custom audience segments?
Yes. You can create as many audience segments as you want, and share them both publicly or privately whenever you want.
What types of audience segments are most valuable?
This is relative to each market. Overall, we have a healthy client base that makes almost every audience segment category valuable to at least one of them. In general, you can expect more unique data categories to fetch the highest revenue numbers.
How often should I refresh my data?
If you're using our pixel or SDK, then you don't need to worry about refreshing your data. If you're using batch data uploads or manual uploads, then we recommend the data to be refreshed fully at least once every 45 days. Having said that, if you are receiving new data daily or weekly then you should aim to send new data points daily or weekly as well.

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