Custom Audiences for Brands & Agencies

Even the least advanced brand marketing strategy can benefit from leveraging Retargetly's Custom Audience product, to increase performance and drive growth.

Things you need to remember

We'll break it down, so you can understand and communicate internally how Custom Audiences can change the game for your data driven marketing.

Over 110 billion data events a month

We see more consumers, across more touchpoints, than anyone else in Latin America. That includes digital behaviors, geolocation updates, ad interactions, and more.

Geolocation visits and history

Whether you want to target consumers based on where they live or work, where they spend most of their time, or on whether they've visited a competitor's store, we can do it all.

Proprietary AI modeling

Our team has been building custom Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for years, and we've gotten very good at it.

No setup or minimum fees

Our audiences come with a guarantee: they're so good, you'll keep buying them. We don't need to charge setup fees, or monthly minimums.

Custom Audience, custom support

Although we rely on Artificial Intelligence for our modeling, we still trust good old fashioned human intelligence to work with you on building our your brief, troubleshoot, and optimize.

Some examples of the possibilities

Client Vertical
Frequent retail visitors
Grocery Retail

Using geolocation data in Chile, we built 9 custom audiences for a large retail chain. These were broken down as follows: one group for the brand's stores, and two for its competitors. For each one, we broke it down into three distinct groups: customers who visit stores no more than once a week, between 2 and 3, and more than 4.

Health obsessed

Combining digital content behaviors, and apps on device, we broke down consumers in Mexico on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of how relevant health related topics are for them.

Brick and mortar entrepreneurs

For the launch of a new affordable van in Colombia, our team used digital content and geolocation history to find entrepreneurs that spend most of their day making deliveries in Bogota, Medellin, or Cali.

Rock music fans
Podcast Streaming

Based on visits over the last 2 years to rock festivals in Argentina, as well as visits to rock related content online, we built 10 segments for a global streaming platform promoting a new rock music podcast series.

No vacations
Food & Beverage

A leading food and beverage brand was launching a new ad campaign across 4 markets in Latin America targeting people that haven't taken a vacation over the last 2 years. We used geolocation data to find people that haven't left their home city over that period.

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