The most comprehensive Audience package for Brands in Latin America

Retargetly Audiences offer unique targeting and insights capabilities on over 380 million Latin American consumers through unparalleled data collection and processing.

Our Audiences are born inside Retargetly's Digital Consumer Graph

1.4 billion

addressable devices across Latin America's top markets

110 billion

behavioral, location, and deterministic signals a month

380 million

unique users that we see across multiple devices and platforms

Transparent & Unique

We've created a unique set of Audience categories for LATAM consumers, unparalleled and unmatched. And we won't just tell you what your Audience is, we'll show you how we got there.

Categories you haven't seen anywhere else in LATAM

The days of basic demographic targeting are over. We process over 110 billion data events a month to bring you unique segments based on:

Semantic content behaviors
Real world movement and geolocation
Apps on their phone
Offline purchasing patterns
Survey answers
Many more...

Integrated & Accessible

As the leader in Latin America, we're integrated directly into the top Programmatic, Social Media, and Agency Planning platforms out there.

Google Marketing Platform

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