Working with Google’s Chrome team to test viability of the Topics API in Latam

September 16, 2022
Santi Darmandrail

Retargetly was founded 9 years ago with what back then looked like a simple goal: help publishers and advertisers improve their advertising strategies through the use of data. Much has happened since, and delivering on this vision is more relevant than ever but also more complex than it ever was.

Google’s Chrome team shocked the world in 2019 when they announced that they’d replace third party cookies, a technology very much involved in us delivering on our vision, with a revolutionary new approach: Privacy Sandbox.

Given Chrome’s 92% market share in Latin America, we have no doubt that whichever form Privacy Sandbox finally takes, it will be a core technology in this new wave of privacy-first methods to deliver on our vision. For that reason, we believe that not engaging with it is a disservice to our customers. We need to build a multi-pronged approach that uses different technologies for different use cases.

With Privacy Sandbox’s timeline being pushed back to 2024, we’ve decided to dedicate a portion of our R&D and Product resources to working with the Chrome team to become a leader in this technology in Latin America.

Our Q4 roadmap will see our first tests of the Privacy Sandbox solutions starting with the Topics API, and are excited about providing tangible products based on this technology that our advertisers and publishers can use for themselves.

As leaders in the Latin American market we look forward to bringing our expertise and working with the Chrome team and other partners to make sure that Privacy Sandbox works for all members of the digital advertising industry in our region.