Audience data is the holy grail for Hispanic media planning and buying

In the past 60 days alone, over 24 million people living in the US have visited cross-border online publishers from...

January 1, 2020
Santi Darmandrail

Why now more than ever it’s time for brands to get a data-first approach on the Hispanic market, and how cross-border data can help.

In the past 60 days alone, over 24 million people living in the US have visited cross-border online publishers from Latin America. That’s almost 70% of all Hispanic-Americans over the age of 18, and only within Retargetly’s network(1) of 20.000 local publishers.


Although not every brand in the US has embraced them as one of their focus target markets, this is quickly changing. Over the past 20 years the demographics and economics of Hispanics has changed.

Hispanics are adding more people to the Total population than any other group. Taking into account only net workforce growth (people joining - people leaving), 7 out of 10 are Hispanic. And collectively Hispanics have a purchasing power just under 2 trillion dollars.

On the off hand, less people are joining the Hispanic population by immigration and more by birth. And use of Spanish as a home-language has been steadily decreasing over the past 10 years (as have Spanish TV and radio ratings). With higher integration into the Total market new questions arise for brands. How do you reach more Hispanics in a meaningful and impactful way(2), without alienating non-Spanish speakers(3)?

In recent years, everyone in digital media has been talking with reverence and fear about the “duopoly”. For hispanic media experts, the duopoly has always existed though. And that’s why TV spend in the Hispanic ad market is almost 35% higher than it is for any other market. But ratings are falling, and bilingual Hispanic Millennials aren’t tuning into Spanish-language TV(4).

So it’s time for a new data-first approach. Some agencies and brands have been on this approach for years, and accomplishing fantastic results. But the market as a whole still doesn’t understand Hispanic-Americans. Especially bilingual, English-first, millennial Hispanic-Americans.

I believe, and our clients agree, that cross-border audience data is the seed for this new approach, a seed that gives brands and agencies access to unprecedented reach and precision in determining an online consumer’s ethnicity and content consumption.

If mixed in with contextual targeting and rich state-side data, brands can inform their media buying across an unlimited number of publishers and placements. This opens up the floodgates to billions of ad impressions and video views that aren’t given the right cultural treatment.


(1) Retargetly

(2) Using context and language targeting to reach US Hispanics Online

(3) Spanish Language Political Ads Sometimes Alienate English Speakers

(4) How bilingual millennials are changing Spanish-language TV



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