Building Latin America's cookieless future with Retargetly IDx

IDx enables publishers, brands, and users to create a value driven addressable ecosystem in a privacy conscious world.

Opportunities for Brands and Marketers

Audience based targeting and retargeting

Finding the right audience across inventory is the most powerful and transformational thing digital can offer. Once cookies are deprecated, this capability will cease to exist. IDx ensures key marketing capabilities in a cookieless world.

Measure your campaigns

Cookies play a core role in allowing you to measure cross site frequency, journeys, and other key performance metric analytics.

Personalize ad experiences

Using IDx you can target and retarget users across digital inventories, retaining the capability to show individual users individual messages.

Collect valuable insights

IDx enables you to capture, store, and unify data using an omnichannel identifier. Use your DMP or Retargetly's Consumer Graph to add valuable audience insights to those identifiers.

Opportunities for Publishers

Maximize ad revenues

Google estimates +50% drop in ad revenue after cookies go away. IDx allows you to keep and grow revenue.

Monetize cookieless inventory

10-25% of your inventory is cookieless right now. Use IDx and offer audiences in those inventories today.

Showcase your audience

Show your inventory inside Publisher Marketplace, the leading audience platform in Latin America.

Delight your users

Your users expect you to safeguard their data; IDx is double encrypted and anchored in user privacy.

Trusted across the region

More and more publishers, brands, and agencies rely on IDx every day to power their digital advertising.

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