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TV Azteca

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TV Azteca is one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television programming in the world, operating four television networks in Mexico: Azteca uno, Azteca 7, adn40 and a +, through more than 300 owned and operated stations throughout the country. The company also operates TV Azteca Digital, the operator of several most visited websites and social media platforms in Mexico.

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What makes their data unique
  • 92 million viewers per month
  • 35% market share in on-air television in Mexico
  • On average 2 hours and 18 minutes per day per household, Azteca TV viewers are connected.

DATA collection methodology

TV Azteca audiences are created based on the profiles of each channel and those profiles are created based on the live views of each program and the content viewed: image galleries, old chapters, among others.

Audience Segment types

TV Viewership:

  • Azteca Deportes
  • Azteca Uno
  • Azteca 7
  • Azteca Noticias
  • A+
  • ADN 40
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