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Kantar IBOPE Media

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We are a global leader in connected intelligence. Our data and insights provide clients with a holistic understanding of the changing media landscape. Our global coverage and local expertise enable clients to better understand media audiences and their relationships with brands to optimise investment. Where others see a fragmented reality, we see new opportunities.

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What makes their data unique

A broad understanding of people's motivations, interests and behaviors: consumption of offline and digital media, use of products and brands, attitudes and motivations. They provide comprehensive consumer behavior that enables customers to identify, describe, and reach the right consumers with trusted information in specific advertising markets. By connecting our insights with digital media buying environments, we enable clients to target their programmatic advertising more efficiently.

DATA collection methodology

Different data collection methodologies, the same technical rigor - in Brazil a hybrid of face-to-face data collection with online data collection, in Hispanic countries with 100% online data collection, through a structured questionnaire, which provides consumer intelligence, about what behaviors define them, what media, products and brands they consume, and how are their attitudes towards them.

Audience Segment types

Automotive, Electronics, Business, Socio-demographics, Food, Wellness & Health, Fashion, Media and Entertainment, Personal Care, Shopping, Sports, Telecommunications, Travel.

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