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Since 1839, Grupo El Comercio (GEC) has been at the service of its country, being the benchmark for facts, truth and news in Peru. It has become the most credible means of communication in the country, thanks to the efforts of its founders, leaders and workers. Grupo El Comercio has shown - in its 180-year history - that only democratic freedoms, internal peace and social justice can lead the country to sustained development that provides a better quality of life for its citizens. The group has offices in Lima, Huancayo, Arequipa and Chiclayo, in search of the best coverage at the national level. In 2003, the diversification of the business began with the incorporation of television format and, years later, of other print media, continuing with the success and growth with the development of digital platforms for each of them, achieving great success stories.

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What makes their data unique

GEC audiences not only have the largest number of local users in the country but also have a variety of profiles organized in various categories created from people with genuine interests in its content. This gives its clients the possibility of reaching detailed segmentation in areas ranging from news to niche products such as health, technology, finance, education, among many others.

  • + 8M Hobbies & Technology profiles
  • + 6M Telco profiles
  • + 4M Local Business profiles
  • + 3M Banking & Finance profiles
  • + 2M CPG profiles
DATA collection methodology

GEC collects its data from sources that are obtained ethically and in compliance with all privacy standards, such as session registration, paywall, surveys, email marketing and newsletter subscriptions. In addition to unique data from search navigation and behaviors of its users within the group's digital assets.

Audience Segment types
  • Decision makers
  • Executives
  • Postgraduate Education
  • Undergraduate Education
  • Home repairs
  • Pet lovers
  • Foodies
  • Video Viewers
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Female Selfcare
  • Gamers
  • Luxury
  • Runners
  • Eco friendly
  • Millenials

Among others.

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