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Foursquare is a location technology platform dedicated to improving how people move through the real world. Their technology’s unparalleled sense of place and space has allowed them to help the world's leading brands and advertisers unlock valuable insights about their consumers and their businesses.

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What makes their data unique
  • The only visits ever accredited by the Media Rating Council
  • The largest proprietary 1st party panel
  • The only proprietary, global, self-refreshing map of the world
  • We detect visits from 500M devices globally, with nearly 300M contributing to targeting segments

DATA collection methodology

With their Pilgrim SDK, they use a whole array of dimensions and sensors to capture where people really are and confirm those signals with a self-refreshing map of the world that is rich in context necessary to understand a place, not just a location. They have a first-party panel who have consented to be always on in exchange for location utility.

Audience Segment types
  • Behavioral (lifestyle & lifestage)
  • Place categories
  • Chain-based
  • Demographic
Recommendations from our specialists
  • Effectively target and personalize messaging to customers and prospects
  • Enrich profiles of existing customers to know more about who they are and where they go in the real world
  • Create highly customized geo-fences to effectively target audiences on the move
  • Win share from competitors by creating highly customized audiences based on competitive visits
  • Measure foot traffic lift to know if your campaign is meeting performance metrics
  • Optimize towards foot traffic metrics in-flight to improve performance.

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