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For more than 100 years Equifax® has been in the business of facilitating decisions through information, with an important trajectory in managing credit databases of people and companies. In recent years, it has expanded its data assets by adding consumer, employment and behavioral information that together with investments in Big Data platforms and a multifaceted professional team have allowed it to advance in the strategic perspective and 360 ° vision of people and companies. Through its new business line "Equifax / digital", data from various sources - both in the real and virtual world - is combined, generating analytics and using advanced technology to achieve insights and precision solutions.

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What makes their data unique

Their data comes from a deterministic origin and is unique due to its type and treatment: security, processing, updating. One of the main assets is the quality of large-scale insights that can be obtained from them by processing and combining them with each other.

DATA collection methodology

Equifax data comes from more than 800 sources, both exclusive and public. Among the exclusive sources are Banks and Financial Entities, Telcos, Retailers, Agro, and other unique data contributors with whom Equifax has agreements.

Audience Segment types
  • Job type
  • Labor formality
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Card
  • Users with Social Work
  • Banking Status
  • Gender
  • Credit History
  • Income
  • Age range
  • Retail
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