Retargetly and Teads, an alliance that promises to change the course of digital audiences in Latin America

June 12, 2020

Retargetly, a Latin American technology company dedicated to data management and audience solutions in Latin America, announced its partnership with Teads, the global media platform, which connects advertisers to an audience of more than 251 million people per month in Latin America.

Retargetly processes more than 25 billion pieces of data per month and has more than 2,000 audiences ready to be activated in programmatic buying. Through this alliance, brands and agencies will have the possibility to activate Retargetly audiences within Teads Ad Manager or send audiences from Retargetly to Teads, combining Retargetly's advanced audience targeting solutions, along with Premium Publishers and formats that provides Teads.

“We are very excited to finally be able to offer our advanced targeting solutions at Teads, which is one of the most requested platforms by our clients in recent times. We know the great work they do globally through their innovative formats and presence in premium publishers, and we are confident that this alliance will bring great value to both parties, ”says Daniel Czaplinski, CEO of Retargetly.

All Retargetly audiences can be found and activated on the Teads Ad Manager platform: demographic, affinity, purchase intention and those created through strategic alliances with premium data partners throughout the region, such as Equifax, Foursquare, Navent and Transunion.

“We are very pleased to materialize this alliance with Retargetly as it will allow us to have more segments and data points to achieve greater audience granularity. This will allow Teads advertisers to achieve an even more precise reach of audiences, and at the same time, in a cost-efficient way. We are very happy to join forces ”. Eric Tourtel, Senior Vice President for Latin America at Teads.

In this sense, combining both products will allow advertisers and agencies to optimize their digital advertising budget, identifying and activating their guidelines to the specific audiences they want to reach. In addition, by being integrated in one place, without intermediaries, match rates and user volumes in general will increase.

About Retargetly

Retargetly is the leading data platform in Latin America, enabling consumer data solutions across the region. Its technology processes over 110 billion events a month and transforms them into actionable analytics that fuel audience targeting, measurement, enrichment, and decisioning. It has clients across all of Latin America, with offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Mexico City, Santiago, and Bogotá.

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Sobre Retargetly

Retargetly es la plataforma de datos líder en América Latina, permitiendo soluciones alrededor de datos de consumidores en la región. Su tecnología procesa más de 110 mil millones de eventos por mes, y los transforma en analíticos accionables que son el motor de soluciones de targeting, medición, enriquecimiento, y decisiones. Tiene clientes en toda la región, con equipos en Miami, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Ciudad de México, Santiago, y Bogotá.

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