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These companies have already supercharged their ads with data.

With over 9 years in the market, we help more than 250 companies improve their ad operations through a better use of their data.
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Are you ready for a cookieless future?

In 2020 we were pioneers in the region and launched Retargetly IDx, the first technology created in Latin America that allows brands to reach users through browsers and devices without using cookies. Becoming a part of the global family of Epsilon since late 2022,  IDx will now be integrated with their own cutting edge technology, CORE ID, uniting the best of both worlds. Creating more precise individual profiles that provide true personalization without relying on third-party cookies is possible and never been closer.

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Supercharge your first party data

Using our platform you'll be able to collect, organize, enrich, and onboard your online and offline data all into one place. With over 30 unique data sets to choose from, you can complete your view of your customers, find new ones, and supercharge your first party data.


Reach only relevant audiences

Regardless of whether you buy or sell ads, our platform gives you the ability to make data truly addressable. With our over 8000 audience segments and unique custom contextual capabilities, finding the right audience is within your reach.

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Turn data and media into more revenue

If you already sell media, enhance your offering with our platform and only pay us if you get value from it. We'll train you and your team on how to use and sell audiences, and provide local support along the way. If you don't sell media, monetize your data assets or build a new media business that uses your data as the key differentiator.

Tecnología, datos, y servicio local

"Comparando entre proveedores de datos y medios, estoy muy feliz con el equipo de Retargetly. No solo envían una propuesta, sino que hay seguimiento y atención al detalle, cosa que valoro mucho ya que tengo varios proyectos a cargo,"

Digital Marketing Manager, México

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Regardless of the stage of your data usage, our team will help you understand it, take it to the next level, and make it accessible and actionable on your digital channels.
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